Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) requested all residents and citizens of Bangladesh to verify the IMEI number of their phones before purchasing. Illegally imported, cloned or fake mobile handsets and smartphones will be disconnected from mobile networks. Basically, each imported or assembled in Bangladesh phones has to be registered in the BTRC IMEI database from 1st August 2019. All phones that were activated after 1st August 2019 and are not in the BTRC database, are already being disconnected from the mobile network of Bangladesh. When an unregistered phone connects to the network, it gets disconnected by the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR). Stolen or lost phones can also be disconnected under this procedure.

Here is how to verify if your phone is legal and original via IMEI:

  1. Go to the messaging option
  2. Type KYD Your phone’s 15 digit IMEI number. For example: KYD 123456789012345

Note: you can find the IMEI number by dialing *#06# or check for it in the box of the phone.

  1. Send it to 16002 number.

An automated reply will inform you if your IMEI is valid or not.